AFFIRMATIVE 5 minutes Opening Statement
NEGATIVE 5 minutes Opening Statement
AFFIRMATIVE 4 minutes Rebuttal
NEGATIVE 4 minutes Rebuttal
CROSSFIRE 3 minutes Both debaters will stand, ask each other questions as well as answer questions from their opponent.
MODERATOR 3 minutes Pose questions to each side*
AFFIRMATIVE 3 minutes Closing Statement
NEGATIVE 3 minutes Closing Statement
FEEDBACK & COMMENTS 4 minutes Depending on the region and round, feedback and comments from the judge(s) will either be given verbally or written on the ballot.
PREP TIME 2 minutes Each side is given 2 minutes of prep time. The opposing debater may also use prep time when their opponent has called for prep time.

*Like a presidential debate, the moderator(s) will at this point have an opportunity to pose a question to each debater. This should be to clarify or help the competitor expand on a point from earlier.

For an example of this style of debate, please view our Example Videos Page.