Our Partners


National Speech & Debate Association

The National Speech and Debate Association believes communication skills are essential for empowering youth to become engaged citizens, skilled professionals and honorable leaders in our global society. We connect, support and inspire a diverse community of honor society members committed to fostering excellence in young people through
competitive speech and debate activities.


National Association for Urban Debate Leagues

NAUDL’s vision is that all urban youth graduate from high school prepared to succeed in college and their careers, and to contribute to their communities. As the national leader of the urban debate movement, NAUDL works with its partner leagues to provide debate
programming to urban middle and high school students.

Texas Logo

Hendrickson High School

Hendrickson High School strives to be a community of well-rounded and productive
learners who demonstrate a commitment to the pursuit of excellence by:
Promoting a secure and nurturing educational environment;
Responding productively to challenge;
Inspiring academic success and life-long learning;
Developing strong work ethic and critical thinking skills;
Expecting respect for self, community, and the diversity of others.

Truman HS Logo

Truman High School

Truman High School supports students in achieving their dreams. As a school
community, they embrace the practice of rigor, relevance and relationships.


District of Columbia Urban Debate League

Founded in 2002, the District of Columbia Urban Debate League is a non-profit
organization [501(c)(3)] that acts to facilitate debate programs and tournaments in the
national capital area, focusing on expanding debate to schools that have not this option in the past. Numerous studies, collected and reviewed by the National Association for Urban Debate Leagues, demonstrate that debate offers tremendous benefits both to gifted students and to students who are struggling in achievement levels and are not on track to attend college or even graduate. Debate in Washington, D.C., of all places in the country, is especially exciting, and we rely on the support of educators in the city to create an environment of learning, creativity, and achievement. The league works in partnership with all schools to support scholastic debate teams in both high school and middle school. We train teachers in coaching techniques, debate formats, and teaching methods to use debate in the classroom. The league administers around ten to twelve tournament each year, separating high school and middle school.

Chaminade High School Logo

Chaminade High School

Chaminade High School combines the proven curriculum and methods of a successful
tradition with modern pedagogical advances to provide its students with a rich,
qualitative educational experience. The Chaminade program, offered in an atmosphere of positive Christian commitment, requires a thorough study of basic intellectual disciplines, while offering extensive co-curricular and extracurricular opportunities for practical application and personal understanding.